Adventurer3 Control – 3.2

When the nozzle temperature was set to M104 by direct control of the equipment, the result was different from what was supposed, so I tried to summarize.

Expected behavior

M104 S Temperature T0 brings the nozzle temperature up to the specified temperature. Here, when looking at the temperature information of M105, it was thought that the temperature set in M104 and the current temperature would be returned.

In fact, at the time of printing, the set temperature of the nozzle bed returned in the following manner.

CMD M105 Received.
T0:33 /210 B:26/55

Actual result

When the nozzle temperature was set by M104, the temperature of the target remained zero.

When the nozzle temperature was set to 100 degrees and the bed to 50 degrees, the following results were returned.

CMD M105 Received.
T0:98 /0 B:50/50

On the FlashPrint side, the result of setting the nozzle temperature at 50 degrees results in the following screen.

The setting temperature on the nozzle side remains 0.This is because the bed temperature in the lower part of the screen shows only the current temperature, and it is judged that the red solid line graph is not near 50 degrees in the graph display section.

Even when the nozzle was heated in preparation for overheating on the device side, the target temperature of the nozzle remained at 0 in M105.


Perhaps the failure of the nozzle’s target temperature is a malfunction of the farm. I would like to add a new farm, but the changes for each version of the farm are not disclosed, so it is a bit dangerous and can not be entered.


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