FlashPrint-Shell Print Order

I investigated the movement of the newly added parameters in Ver 5.3.

Shells-Shell Print Order

The possible selections are as follows.

  • from inner to outer
  • from outer to inner
  • anti-over rush deceleration

I could not find out this time how the relevance is, but when “from inner to outer” and “from outer to inner” are selected, the “start point – Permit optimize start points” is hidden.

anti-over rush deceleration

Start with the default value of “anti-over rush deceleration”.

Ver 4.6 on the left and Ver 5.3 on the right.

As far as I can see, there is no difference between this and the previous version. It seems that this output has been done for a long time.
The order of output is also from inner to outer.

If you look at the output order, it is the same as “from inner to outer” but there were two points where the movement was different.

  1. The speed is reduced toward the outer output to reduce the speed at which the nozzle is moving.
    It looks like they are trying to reduce it to 15% in their calculations.
  2. The head movement from the inner to the outer circumference and the folding inward at the end of the outer circumference is not a simple movement but a discharge movement.
    The following two locations. The travel speed for this part is “general – speed – Minimum speed”.

    • G1 X9.80 Y-9.80 E73.0693 F300
      This is where we move to the outer perimeter
    • G1 X9.30 Y-9.40 E75.6302 F300
      This is where we are moving a little bit to the inner perimeter after the outer perimeter output

from inner to outer

The output sequence is the same as for “anti-over rush deceleration”.

However, there is a difference in speed.

The above example is difficult to see because the “Start Point Acceleration” parameter is applied, but the “anti-over rush deceleration” is F3600, while the “from inner to outer” is F2520.

I wrote about this in FlashPrint-Start Point Acceleration, but I think it is probably a bug.

from outer to inner

Contrary to “from inner to outer,” the output order is from outer to inner.

If you actually look at the main power image, you can see that the output is from the outer circumference to the inner circumference.


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