Adventurer3 Control – 4

Based on the previous survey, it has become possible to control the console screen for the time being. However, for file transfer, I do not know the data generation method for error detection and remain unsolved.

Only the parts that are known about file transfer.

Transfer method


  1. Send M28 command from the PC side and wait for OK from the device side.
  2. Divide the file to be transferred into 4096 bytes and send it. Every 4096 bytes sent, the device will return whether it has been successfully transferred.
  3. After sending all data, the PC sends an M29 command, and the file transfer process is completed.

Contents of M28 command

M28 “File size” “File name”

The file name seems to be the storage destination on the device side, and has a form of 0: /user/.g.

0: / user / would be the storage folder on the device side

Split file transfer

Split the file into 4096-byte units and transfer it with 16 bytes of header. After the transfer, the equipment side sends back a reply whether the transfer is successful or not.

Contents of M29 command

Send only M29.

Header information

At the time of file division transfer, add 16-byte header. The contents were as follows.

0~3 byte 5a 5a a5 a5
Fixed 4 bytes above.
4~7 byte Sequence number of the transferred block.
Store with 0 end and big endian.
8~11 byte Stores the number of bytes of data to be transferred in big endian.
12~15 byte Error detection information of data to be transferred.

Error detection information

At first it was like 32 bits, so I tried a whole algorithm to output such data, but the results did not match.

I tried CRC-32, CRC-32C, Adler32, Fletcher Checksum.

At first, the result with the simplest data is as follows.

Data Error detection information
47 31 af 3f cb 07


If you know the algorithm of the error detection information, the library class of communication is complete.

Then, you can incorporate file pre-processing such as GUI construction, improvement of Z-axis position accuracy, and improvement of fixability of Brim.

Around here, I wonder if you split the program.


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