An article about slicing software provided by Flashforge.

3D Printer

FlashPrint-Shell Print Order

I investigated the movement of the newly added parameters in Ver 5.3. Shells-Shell Print Order The possible selections a...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Start Point Acceleration

I investigated the movement of the "Shells-Start Point Acceleration" parameter newly added in Ver5.3.
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Visualization of slice parameters

I created a program that makes it easier to see the real numbers of slice parameters exported by FlashPrint with a text ...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Difference in default parameter values for each filament

Since FlashPrint-Visualization of slice parameters made it possible to convert the parameters including the real part in...
3D Printer

Adventurer3 Control – 3

Survey result of G code command used in interaction with FlashPrint of Adventurer3.
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3 Control – 6.10

The Adventurer3 controller also supports the problematic part of Adventurer3-Wi-Fi connection with firmware Ver1.3.1.. H...
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3-Wi-Fi connection with firmware Ver1.3.1.

When I made Adventurer3 the latest farm, I found that FlashPrint Ver4.6 could not connect to the device, so I did a litt...
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3 Control – 6.9

Changed the method of searching the IP address of Adventurer3. Previously, it used a private MAC address. After fixing t...
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3 Control – 6.8

It's been a while since Adventurer3 Control – 6.7, but new functions have been added. In addition, the source of the pro...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Check the contents of Ver5.1

What has changed in FlashPrint from Ver 4.6 to Ver 5.1? Focusing on the slicer, we will explain the inheritance of parameters, differences in parameters, etc. while looking at the actually output G code data and preview results.
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