Adventurer3 Control – 1

The current operation is to create a g-code file with Simplify3D, have it read by FlashPrint, and print from there via the network. I investigated whether I could output directly to Adventurer3 with Simplify3D.

Machine control in Simplify3D

It seems to be doing serial communication via COM port, it seems that there is no network support. As a trial, I connected the USB port of Adventurer 3 with the USB of my computer by male-male, but since COM port did not newly appear on the computer side, USB of Adventurer 3 seems to support only USB memory only. Naturally, in this state, it was not possible to control with Simplify3D.

If tcp communication is connected via virtual COM port

Simplify3D seems to support only the COM port, so if you connect tcp communication via com0com, I think that you may go, install it, and create and run software that flows tcp communication to com.

Now I tried to connect on Simplify3D side, but I couldn’t recognize it. Well, tcp connection was cut off immediately.

Confirmation of communication contents

Once again, I used a protocol analyzer to find out what the communication between FlashPrint and Adventurer3 is.

For now, I found the following.

  • Communication content It is connected by tcpip, and it is exchanging with ASCII text.

  • I send a command and get the contents of the command by return.

  • In the command transmission to the side of Adventurer 3 equivalent to the so-called g code, ~ (tilde) is inserted before the command.

  • After connection, M601 S1 is sent, and before disconnection, M602 is sent.

Sample program

I checked the contents, and after creating a sample program, it seems that I could exchange status information with Adventurer 3 for the time being.


The contents of the program are as follows.

  1. Adventurer3’s IP address search This model is a local assign address where the beginning of MAC address starts with 0x02, and the last byte changes with each start, so it is a musician who can not fix IP.

  2. As I can not help, I tried to connect via arp, assuming that the first MAC address is 0x02 as Adventurer3.

  3. After connecting tcp, M601 S1 was sent to prevent disconnection.

  4. M602 was sent before releasing tpc connection. Along the way, some commands are sent to check whether the command is sent.

Next, I would like to check the contents of the sending code from Simplify3D side and check if it can be exchanged via com0com.


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