AutomationConnectIQ-Added Ver0.4.1

Ver0.4.1 of AutomationConnectIQ is released today. Added support for Connect IQ 4.2.0, 4.1.5 and 4.1.1. There seemed to ...

Flutter-“Failed to load dynamic library” at test.

When I was doing unit tests using a package called openpgp, I got the error "Invalid argument (s): Failed to load dynami...

Flutter-Creating a Launcher icon.

At first When creating a Flutter launcher icon, it seems better to create it directly or use the following tools. Unfort...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Shell Print Order

I investigated the movement of the newly added parameters in Ver 5.3. Shells-Shell Print Order The possible selections a...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Start Point Acceleration

I investigated the movement of the "Shells-Start Point Acceleration" parameter newly added in Ver5.3.
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Visualization of slice parameters

I created a program that makes it easier to see the real numbers of slice parameters exported by FlashPrint with a text ...
3D Printer

FlashPrint-Difference in default parameter values for each filament

Since FlashPrint-Visualization of slice parameters made it possible to convert the parameters including the real part in...
3D Printer

Adventurer3 Control – 3

Survey result of G code command used in interaction with FlashPrint of Adventurer3.
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3 Control – 6.10

The Adventurer3 controller also supports the problematic part of Adventurer3-Wi-Fi connection with firmware Ver1.3.1.. H...
Adventurer3 Control

Adventurer3-Wi-Fi connection with firmware Ver1.3.1.

When I made Adventurer3 the latest farm, I found that FlashPrint Ver4.6 could not connect to the device, so I did a litt...
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