Adventurer3 Control – 6

Now that it is 2 / 3rd of the original concept, it will be released for the time being.

A single program that can control Adventurer3.

I tried to add the following features.

  • Find the IP of Adventurer 3 running.
    You no longer need to look at the IP on the Advertiser 3 side.

  • You can output the file output by Simplify3D to the device by Drag & Drop.
    There is no need for FlashPrint to load and output for output.

  • Similarly, process the file output by Simplify3D, and make the printing optimum for yourself.
    The script related settings on the Simplify 3D side need not be required. However, even if the chassis fan was turned on, I did not know if it was turning.

  • You can see the image of the camera of the device.
    Even if the printing place is far away, you can check for the time being.

The program relations are summarized on the following page.

Adventurer3 Controller

What you want to do in the future, additions and updates of features, etc. will be summarized on this page.

Although I came here, I made a roundabout.


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