Software list.

List of software created by myself.

Adventurer3 Controller

Adventurer3 Controller

A program that controls Adventurer3 instead of FlashPrint.

It also includes a correction function that processes G code files output from some slicer software to increase the output quality in Adventurer3.

G code parser

G code parser

The G-code editing function created by the Adventurer3 controller is cut out and can be used as a standalone software library.
The language uses C#.

Garmin watch face


For Garmin. I started making it because there was no good watch face for ForeAthlete 45, so I started making it.

A class that controls everything in Garmin Connect IQ

Automation Connect IQ SDK

When I was writing a program with Connect IQ, I had to set up the device and build it, and I had to operate the simulator by hand, so it was troublesome, so I thought about automating that class.

Since it is made in C#, it can be called from PowerShell, and it has become easier to build an automated environment.