FlashPrint-Start Point Acceleration

I investigated the movement of the parameters newly added in Ver5.3.

  • 2022/02/18
    A little addition about the part where the speed of the inner circumference is F2520.

Shells-Start Point Acceleration

There are two parameters, “Yes” and “No” and the distance to operate this parameter.

As a result of slicing with some parameters, this parameter did not seem to be applied by Start Print Order “from outer to inner”.

It was “from inner to outer” that the parameter operation was easy to understand, so the difference between the results of outputting Enable Start Point Acceleration with “No” (left) / “Yes” (right) is as follows.
The distance was 50.0 mm.
Since it is a PLA default parameter, the top speed of inner peripheral discharge is F2520.

Looking at the left side above, it is gradually approaching the top speed F2520 until it moves 50 mm.

  • 2022/02/18
    The F2520 may be misinterpreted.
    This number is the Base print speed multiplied by the Visible interior speed. (60mm / s * 60 * 70%)
    However, I think that the application point of Visible interior speed is not the inner circumference of the middle layer but the inner circumference of the uppermost layer (or the layer on which nothing is output).
    In fact, at the default output, the speed of the inner circumference of the middle layer was F3600, and only the top layer was F2520. In that sense, it may be a problem that the maximum speed of the inner circumference of the middle layer is F2520 in “from inner to outer”.

The speed ratio starts from 80% of F2520 and is 84%, 88%, 92% and 96% in 10mm increments.

When I tried changing the distance, the number of speed change stages was divided into several patterns.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
5 80% 84% 88% 92% 96%
4 80% 85% 90% 95%
3 80% 86.6% 93.3%
2 80% 90%

It is a little unclear what kind of algorithm will be used for division.
When the distance was set to 10 mm, the speed was adjusted in two steps.

The part where the speed adjustment of this parameter is applied seems to be applied only to the part where one stroke can be written in the inner circumference output part immediately after the comment “; structure: shell-inner”.

When the shell count is set to 3 or more and the inner circumference is output 2 laps, or when the speed adjustment is applied by increasing the distance, the speed after a simple movement without the E command is performed. Is the movement speed specified by the normal parameter.

Just as shown below, the shape is such that multiple inner circumferences are output.

In the case of such a ring shape, since “; structure: shell-inner” exists in each place, the adjustment of the Start Point Acceleration parameter was applied to the inner circumference output immediately after that.


It seems that the situation where the inner circumference output is performed is approximately immediately after the Z-axis movement or a slightly longer movement.
In such a case, the state where the resin is not discharged continues, so the purpose is to slow down the discharge speed so that the output resin can be easily fixed to the resin under it at the output immediately after that. Is it?

If so, I think it would be better to generalize, for example, to reduce the discharge speed after the discharge has not been performed for a certain period of time due to the moving speed.


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