Adventurer3 Control – 6.2

Fixed a problem with the program.

Bug content


If the device’s IP could not be found when the program was launched, the content of the combo box remained as it was, but at that time, even if the correct IP address of the device was entered, the “connect” button remained untouched.

I could not get control because I could not input IP.

This case has not been tested at all.

The new version is from here.


At the time of file transfer, although the progress of the status bar seems to be strange, it has not been corrected because the problem has not been found yet.

I’m going to print for now, so leave it for now.


The development of the program was for a while now, so I’m continuing the construction I did in December, but when I output a large one, I make the length of Brim (pre-extrusion) as one lap rather long It has been done.

(Because G code is issued in Simplify 3D)

After this program was created, the filament was properly ejected at a distance of 2 to 3 cm, so some sense of waste came out.

Let’s add the adjustment function of the brim (pre-extrusion) length.


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