Adventurer3 Control – 6.4

I’m planning to fix the problem pointed out in the comment, so I will report.

Pointed matter

“Maybe” The temperature of the bed did not rise when I output something that was output by FlashPrint via the program. There was no problem if you deleted the file before “; start gcode”.

The cause is?

The same thing could not be reproduced on my machine. However, the console screen on the side of the Advertiser3 did not display that the 3D shape of the object should be displayed.

Most likely, the header binary information output by FlashPrint was not correctly transferred to the output file side.

However, I have confirmed that there is no problem with the binary editor for output files before.

It is unclear why the device can not recognize it correctly.


I decided to process only text data without processing binary information from the file output by FlashPrint. As a result, the file transferred to the device should be a general G code file format starting with ‘; generated by ffslicer’.

At first, I tried three kinds of data in hand, but it seemed that there was no problem.

However, 3D shape is not displayed on the console screen.

New version is here.


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