Adventurer3 Control – 6.3

I did various output for the past few days and I thought there was a problem, so I examined the contents and corrected it.

Bug content


This was a defect that occurred last time, and when the file was transferred, something went wrong with the progress bar progress.

There was a problem with managing synchronization when transferring data with the device, and progress bar updates stopped.


The connection with the device has been disconnected by pressing Transfer Interruption during file transfer. Also, in that case, connection could not be made even if the “connect” button was pressed.

I was planning to do special processing for transfer interruption, but I did not pass through that processing and had issued the M26 command of output cancellation.

In addition, if transfer is interrupted, it seems that the connection will be released from the device side, and it was not possible to cope with it.


The program occasionally stops when outputting from the output parameter tab.

It seems that an exception occurred because the file was opened multiple times internally.

The new version is from here.


It will be disconnected from the device side at the time of file transfer. I just couldn’t believe it. This is the specification, as it was the same when doing the same operation with FlashPrint.


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