Adventurer3 Control – 4.1

As for the algorithm of error detection at the time of file transfer, when I continued to search after that, the one that I thought was correct was hit.

各種ハッシュアルゴリズムを使用し、ハッシュ値(メッセージダイジェスト)を計算します。HMAC 方式のハッシュ値も計算できます。

When “G1” was entered at this site, the result of “crc-32b” matched the expected value. By the way, it turned out that there are many other pages like the one above, and it seems that they are producing the result of the hash function built in php. Since there was no “crc-32b” in the cyclic redundancy check wiki, it could not be checked out by the previous time. So I collected some information about “crc-32b” again and created a program. I thought there was something I could, but I was able to start file transfer and output of the transferred file.


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