Adventurer3-Wi-Fi connection with firmware Ver1.3.1.

When I made Adventurer3 the latest farm, I found that FlashPrint Ver4.6 could not connect to the device, so I did a little research.

Latest firmware version

Looking at the settings, the software version was 1.3.1 and the management version was 2.1.

The previous one (downloadable from FlashForge) has a software version of 1.2.5 and a managed version of 1.6.

What is happening?

I connected the management version 2.1 with FlashPrint 5.1 and checked the network protocol for the communication status.

So far, two problems have been identified. There may be others, though.

Changes in M601 return information.

Adventurer3 will send you the M601 code and will return the return information accordingly.
I think this code is a code that indicates the start of communication with Adventurer3.

In the case of the old farm, it returned the following code.

CMD M601 Received.
Control Success.

The new farm now returns the following code.

CMD M601 Received.
Control Success V2.1.

In other words, the information “V2.1”, probably the version of the management code, seems to have included it.

It seems that FlashPrint 4.6 recognized this as an abnormal code and could not connect.

By the way, the Adventurer3 control program I created didn’t see the return value of the M601, so the connection itself didn’t seem to be a problem.

Change file transfer method.

Since FlashPrint 4.6 can not connect itself, G code information is not transferred, but the Adventurer3 control program tried to send the file because it was possible to connect, but it did not receive at all. ..

Therefore, when I checked the file transfer protocol with FlashPrint 5.1, there was a change in that part as well.

Until now, the transmission method was the protocol analyzed by “Adventurer3 Control – 4“, but it became easier in the new farm.

The transmission file was divided into 4096 bytes and continuously transmitted. Also, the final block does not fit in 4096 bytes, and only the required amount is sent.
There is no longer any confirmation as to whether or not the transmission on the Adventurer 3 side was possible.

This is the forwarding protocol in the old farm.
The red line is the transmission data blocked by the control code in 4096 bytes, and the blue line is the return information of whether or not it was received.

Here is the data sent by the new farm.
Information divided into 4096 bytes is continuously transmitted.

Since the connection with Adventurer3 is TCP and there is no need for error correction itself, I wonder if it was made in this way.
Does that mean that the previous communication protocols used were those of the era when you had to correct errors yourself, such as serial communication?


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