Adventurer3 Control – 6.6

Implemented some bug fixes and function additions / improvements.

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Function addition / improvement

Restraint in the state without discharge.

When the retract operation is turned on in Simplify3D, there is a problem that the retract is suddenly performed after the temperature setting is finished.

The output looks like this:

M140 S55 T0
M104 S210 T0
M104 S0 T1
; process RepRapper PLA-B Mid Fill
; layer 1, Z = 0.230
M108 T0
G92 E0.0000
G1 E-5.0000 F2400
; feature skirt

Whether the filament is too old, slippage occurred at the filament feed wheel in the operation of this retract. Well, because it is only once, it may not be a problem, but because it is a bit uncomfortable, I put a process to suppress this operation.

In the case of the output file from Simplify 3D, it is always checked and suppressed.

Enabled to turn on / off the image button at any time

The state of ON / OFF can be changed even when not connected to the device.

If you do not need to transfer images, turn them off before connecting.

Common structure of speed-related value input area.

In the speed related input area of the filament tab, it is possible to input numerical values in mm / min on the left and mm / sec on the right, and the left and right input areas are linked.

If there is an error, it displays an error by combining two linked text boxes.

Feeling like the above.

In this function, only filament tab was inserted at V1.2, but this operation was also applied to speed related input area of output parameter tab and instrument control tab.

Bug fixes

Improved error display processing

When entering an out-of-range value by numerical input, a red frame appears around the text box and the tooltip displays the reason for the error, but there were some problems with its implementation. Even if there is a problem, the program itself does not end abnormally, but I have corrected it for a while.

Defect in speed input area of filament tab

E Even if you entered an out-of-range value in the low speed / E high speed / XY axis speed input area, the error was not displayed, so that correction was made.

Malfunction of the image button on the print tab

Occasionally, the connection with the device may be canceled, but at this time, when the image check is off and then reconnected to the device, the reception of the image will start even if the check is off. It was


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