Visual Studio Code-Disable Extensions

At first

In VSCode, you can choose to disable or disable (workspace) from the context menu in the extension.

This allows you to enable only the extensions you need for each folder or workspace, even if you have multiple extensions installed and you are developing different types of languages.

When launching a new project in a new folder, there is a growing desire to divert the extensions of existing folders to enable and disable.
As for the invalidation of the workspace, the key is not assigned, so it was a hassle to invalidate it individually.

Function extension that manages the enable / disable of function extension.

First, I checked if there was an extension to manage enable / disable, but it wasn’t.

However, there was something like temporarily deleting the installed extension and taking over the enable / disable in a pseudo manner, but this takes time to add / delete the file. Then, the installed extension disappeared, and I was wondering what the specifications were, so I stopped using it.

Where is the place to manage the enable / disable of the function extension?

Next, I investigated where to manage the enable / disable of the extension.

This information will be associated with the folder / workspace, but it is not saved in the .vscode folder directly under the folder or in the workspace file.

Then, it was in the file under the following folder.


This folder will be a folder to save the management data that is temporarily created when opened with VS Code, a folder with UUID-like code or 13-digit numerical value will be created under this, and a database etc. will be created under it. Will be.

The UUID-like code folder name is created when you open it in a folder or workspace with VS Code, and the 13-digit numeric folder seems to be a single file.

  • This folder doesn’t seem to be deleted automatically, so it seems better to delete it from time to time.
    The default C ++ intellisense database seems to be under this folder, so it will squeeze the disk without noticing it.

There is a file called state.vscdb under this folder, which is managed there.
This file can be opened with SQLite.

When opened, the data is stored like this, and extensionsIdentifiers / * in the ItemTable was the enable / disable information for extensions.

Is there a way to manage the enable / disable of function extensions?

Based on the above information, I searched for a way to manage this information, but in the end it wasn’t.

It is possible to take over by copying state.vscdb, but it is very troublesome to find the association of the currently open folder with VS Code from the folder under workspaceStorage.

I also checked if state.vscdb could not be managed by the folder opened by VS Code, but when I looked at the code that generates this file path, it seemed that the corresponding folder of% APPDATA% could be hard-coded, so it was difficult.

As a result, we came to the conclusion that valid / invalid information can only be set manually for each folder. disappointing.

This is the story in VSCode 1.55.2.


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