AutomationConnectIQ-Added Ver0.3

Ver0.3 released today.

He made Ver0.3.1, but found that Japanese help was not included, so he immediately created and released Ver0.3.2.
A sample of how to use it is not included.

Function addition items

Activity Monitor Information

The biggest thing is that you can operate the Activity Monitor Information screen.
By using this, all the screen tests of my watch face can be verified.

You can now set the grid on the Today side and each value for the past 7 days.

Today’s Steps cannot be set directly, so you can set your favorite values to some extent by programming.
I would like to introduce this method with a separate sample.

Run No Evil(Partially supported)

The following is what made UnitTest executable.
Added a flag to execute UnitTest to the method of itself in the Checker class and the related method of the GarminSDK class.

When you run it, you should get the following output.

In Connect IQ, it says “Run No Evil unit tests”, but it’s like starting a method for UnitTest on a simulator.

Until now, it was troublesome to remember “Run No Evil”, so I skipped it a little, but when I saw the sentence of running it on the simulator, could it be the same as AutomationConnectIQ? I added methods while checking it.

As a result of my research, I’m glad that it was a different thing, but I feel that I realized again that it is quite difficult to use “Run No Evil”.
In order to use it, it may be a feeling that you have to design the mounting method quite carefully.

Heat Map(Partially supported)

Finally, I added a property to enable the heatmap display in the simulator.
If you set Low Power Mode when the heat map can be displayed, the heat map will pop up quite often, so if you use this function for automatic operation, there is a high possibility that the operation will be unexpected. ..
Therefore, if the heat map can be displayed, the condition can be judged by the program so as not to set it to Low Power Mode.

Next challenge?

I have no plans to create any programs other than Watchface, so I have no plans to add functions in the future.

However, for Run No Evil, I think it would be nice if there was a function to analyze the contents output at the time of execution and to judge whether it was an error or not, or a simple summary.


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